Insurance Claim| Detective Agency in Mumbai

The insurance companies do have their franchise or they open different agencies who help them in getting the business. There are cases where they are fake agencies or franchise which take money from customers and abscond. The dedicated team of our detectives help in finding these absconded people from agencies or franchise. These agencies take a huge amount from customers as a token money to start the insurance plans however once the checks or they receive cash the people from these agencies just vanishes and customers are on high loss.

Our detective agencies in Mumbai got a specialized team of Detectives which comprises of an exceptional Network around every Indian State, Villages and Towns. This brings the success in every case and achieve 100% within the stipulated time period. The team of trained and efficient members of our investigators have provided a remarkable story about all the cases.

Our clients from insurance companies nowadays started pre and post checking of their customers to prevent from future losses. The specialized team of our investigators who are trained in high level and advance verification system, provide the verification services to these companies for their customers. The customer who provided their personal, professional details, references given by them as guarantor, family details, all are verified by our professional team in a detailed manner from any future damage to the insurance companies. The post verification is also required by many of our clients to their customers before or after the claim is filed by them, whether itís fake or real in all terms.