Pre-Post Employement | Detective Agency in Mumbai

The services provided by us are highly cost effective for all our clients. We understand the sensitivity of each case, that’s why our investigation agency is one of a few investigative agency who provide individual, private or teams of detectives to all businesses, firms, individuals from all societies (high – low profile, celebs, media, entertainment, any other), attorney by finding and analyzing information.

Everyone wants the best job with good package and higher position or job they want should set their society and status. This might bring a few people to step into appropriate ways of achieving that job profile. They might provide false information about their qualifications, or work experience, even residential information. To conduct the complete verification of the records provided by employees is done by our highly efficient detectives, who answers to provide the accurate information by documentations, presentations or videos. This helps in escaping from fraud or hiring an inappropriate person on board by many employers, business man.

The investigation also helps in complete the hiring and verification process fast and without harming any present or future work. This verification is done to ensure a candidate meets a company’s employment standards.

We charge a very nominal rate in exchange of our services and we will provide you 24/7 service.