Record Search Verification | Detective Agency in Mumbai

Are you Purchasing a new property? Thinking of buying a new Vehicle? Is there hiring of new staff in your office? Seeking for any companyís information? Investigation required for background checking of employee or the employer or any other firm? These questions are so commonly come into a mind when something new or related to is about to conduct in life, business, property.

Our detective agency in Mumbai offers many other services to other firms as : Marriage certificate verifications (as details provided by the people are correct or not, whether they are married or applying for certification for any fraud or crime).

Birth Certificate Verification ( the person was originally born at same place, city and hospital given in the form),

Death Certificate Verification ( was the person died or itís a fake certificate provided may be to conduct any crime or fraud, also people take loans from banks or other financial services and to get rid of these loans and repayments they apply for or submit fake death certificates and make new fake IDís),

Divorce Certificate Verification ( was the plan or the filing of Divorce was real or not, is it performed for property, asset gain).

And Education Certificate Verification also. Our services are reliable and accurate, in order to prove all verifications the evidences are provided in a form of a DVD, paper documentations videos , and detailed hard copies are provided as well. We believe in our services, and prove by giving high accuracy rate.