Surveillance | Detective Agency in Mumbai

In a place like Mumbai where crime survives more than life one needs to keep his eyes open to see that no body cheats them or takes undue advantage of them,from personal to professional decisions ,before taking any one needs to clarify the case pertaining to slightest. It is economically prudent to investigate your case before litigation.

We are here to your aid.Our agency is located in Mumbai offers variety of detective services and specializes in video surveillance and counter surveillance measures.Our results are perfect which are delivered through thorough investigation and all evidences are put in front of you so that it helps solve your case and comes to your rescue.

We are experienced in providing professionally organized clandestine operations, surveillance, undercover, pre-trial discovery, and evidence acquisition. Nothing is as it seems when you deal with a covert operative in a clandestine operation.We serve Mumbai with nationwide service available. We hire experienced investigators and operatives. We are equipped with the latest surveillance techniques to ensure thorough and professional investigation for our clients.

Our detectives and clients are subject to the same confidentiality rules as attorneys and heir clients. So,your case lies in safe hands as we know how much privacy is important to a particular person and leaking of slightest of information may spell the beans.